Learning Experience Designer

Michele has expansive expertise in developing classroom/face-to-face participatory training curricula; elearning assets; facilitator and participant guides; job aides; storyboards, and related items. Building on adult, collaborative, and project-based learning principles, she works with SMEs to makes complex concepts accessible to participants and trainers. Michele informs the video and visual elements of learning products in partnership with creative/development teams. Clients have included healthcare professionals and consumers, classroom teachers and community educators, college professors, non-profit organizations, and elearning/virtual training companies, among others.

Print and New Media Educational Products

Michele is an ace designer of educational materials. She relies on her knowledge of myriad learning and instructional theories, teaching experience, and creativity to design interactive, learner-centered products that include:

  • Standards-aligned lesson plans and learning/instructional activities
  • Learning materials accompanying socio-political and educational videos/documentaries
  • Discussion guides
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Student and teacher handbooks
  • Online teacher professional development resources (learning tasks, reflective questions)
  • Editing and informing the content of educational materials
  • Communication Materials

    Among Michele’s writing repertoire are diverse communication materials, including:

    • Articles for newsletters, blogs, and websites
    • Best practice articles, manuals and handbooks, and procedure/technical guides
    • White and concept papers
    • Strategic plans, program recommendations, needs and qualitative assessments, reports, and case studies
    • Effective practice scorecards
    • Grant Writing

      Michele has substantial non-profit grant writing experience. She has written proposals that have achieved awards as high as $1 million. As part of the development process, she conducts research, undertakes needs assessments, solicits funders, frames programs, writes comprehensive proposals, including budgets and timelines, and creates interim and final funding reports. In recent years, Michele has raised over $1 million dollars in foundation, corporate, and public official for NYC public schools as a pro bono grant writer.

      Organizational Development

      Michele assists organizations in assessing and implementing effective programming for their constituents. She offers a range of organizational development services, such as strategic planning, conducting and producing qualitative and needs assessments, providing technical assistance and managing projects. Michele also brings extensive community development skills to organizations, with skills in collaboration building, networking, outreach toward partnership development, and managing social media.

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